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Running into the New Season

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A new year has lead to a new cross country team. Every year, each team  has their own story and this years team is just beginning.“I’m very excited for cross country; we have some great runners this year, on both girl’s and boys,” Cynthia Lopez said.

Some are excited for the meets that are headed their way, but others are just excited to have the opportunity to finally get to run high school cross country. With that, they also experience fear and anxiety to do well in their meets and to show that their coaches are on a good track training wise. “I feel like the team is coming together and that we will dominate” Yenifer Enriquez said. She feels that the coaches are doing their job and pushing them to new and harder challenges. “When they know that you could go a little more, they will make you keep going until you are truly done.You may think you can only get to a certain place, but if they think you can go further, then they will push,” Yenifer said.

Physically they are ready for their first meet, but the hard part is mentally believing that they are ready. “I think we are going to do a good job, as long as we push ourselves and believe in ourselves,” Andres Ruiz said. He believes that they have been working really hard and doing all the workouts they have been asked to do, so they will be in great shape physically. “You really have to have a good positive mindset going into our Seward meet,” Andres said.

How far can this team go? “We have some really strong competitors up front and some that are going to have to work hard to catch up, but in all, we have a great team that could do some good things this season,” Cynthia said. Cynthia did not get to run  last year because of a knee injury and is trying to catch up and get used to this new challenge. While suffering this injury, she has formed a very strong bond with another runner who experienced the same thing as her.

Some cross country runners have already formed relationships, and some are barely getting to know each other. “I think that we still need to connect more as team, if we aren’t connected, then it’s hard to succeed,” Yenifer said. She thinks that it is very important to have a good team bond, because when you are having difficulties, they can help you. They can help you with personal problems, school problems, or just running in general. “They can help push you when you think that your body can’t do it anymore,” Yenifer said.

“I believe that our team is creating a strong bond, and that as long as we believe in each other, we can have a great season,” Cynthia said. She believes as long as you have your team, you can surpass any obstacle. A big obstacle that should be surpassed together is being tough and knowing that it will not be easy, there will be a lot of pain, but they are rewarded in the end. After getting to know everyone, the hard part starts: racing. Said Head Coach Drew Rische, “I’m anxious to get it started in regards to races, just to kind of see where we might be at, I know we will have a tough district, but I’m hoping my kids can rise to the challenge.” The cross country team begins their season on September 3rd with the Seward Invite.

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Running into the New Season