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“Every little action that we do can help raise awareness for bullying and it can make a difference in school,” sponsor of Cardinal Alliance, Sara Miriovsky, said. Cardinal Alliance organized an Anti-Bullying day to help raise awareness for bullying.

Students were asked to wear orange to show their support of anti-bullying. Many students did not wear orange. “I didn’t wear orange for the reason of not owning that color,” David Carranza said. David was not the only student that did not dress up because of not owning the color. Many complained, but Cardinal Alliance member Guadalupe Lopez Lopez says the reason behind it is because orange stands for overall anti-bullying. Every color of the rainbow stands for a different type of bullying, and the only color that supports all kinds of anti-bullying is orange.

Beside people not wearing the color orange, many did not know about the event in general. Some came to school not even knowing that there was an Anti-Bullying Day. “They announced it at the end of the day. Nobody listens to the announcements at the end of the day, so I didn’t know about it,” sophomore Betsy Rosales said. The advertisement for Anti-Bullying Day could have been better. Many believed that it would have been a success if more people would have known about the event. The attention that it did receive was a success. Students and teachers that did own the color dressed up and supported anti-bullying.

Students believed that even though they did not dress up, they still supported anti-bullying. There was not a lot of advertising, but it is an issue that many students feel is important to support. Cardinal Alliance has plans to continue to raise awareness and support for causes to stop any kind of bullying. They hope to learn from this experience and grow. “It’s important to spread the word and stand up against bullies,” member Guadalupe Lopez Lopez said. Let’s stand up and fight against bullies.

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Stand Up