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CHS as Film

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Ending scene of the Breakfast Club. Universal Pictures.

Ending scene of the Breakfast Club. Universal Pictures.

When people watch a movie, often it can be compare it to our own lives. Whether it’s a romance, action, or even a horror movie, people wish their life was like it. They wish that they were exciting, just like in the movies. Crete high school students were asked what they thought about our school would be if it were a movie.


Many students went back to their childhood movie High School Musical. “I thought of High School Musical because of the drama,” Maria Jose Garcia said. One of the reasons many said High School Musical was because it was the only thing that they could think of, but when they actually put some thought into it, they got an answer that actually made sense.


“I think that Crete is more like The Breakfast Club. We have a lot of stereotypes,” Yesenia Cabrera said. The Breakfast club is an ‘80s movie where five very different students who got into trouble are put into detention for a whole day. The more they talk and try to get out of detention during the day, the more they get to know each other and see beyond the cliques to which they belong. Despite the fact that on the surface they look very different, many are experiencing similar situations and problems. They prove that hardly anyone is who they seem on the outside.


In most teenage experiences, this is true. Stereotypes are everywhere, and most teens live almost double lives. Rather than giving everyone detentions to get them to mix, Crete high needs to do something to get people to talk to each other and move beyond labels and stereotypes. How is Crete’s movie going to end? Will it be the cafeteria scene from Mean Girls every day at lunch? Or maybe teens will see that each one of us is a brain, and an athlete, and a basket case, a princess, and a criminal. Cue the fist bump in the air and roll the credits.


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CHS as Film