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Who Do We Respect?

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Over time, the amount of students disrespecting their teachers has increased tremendously.  What has changed that has caused students to disrespect the ones that spend time helping them? Everyone has a different opinion as to why someone acts the way they do and why others seem to showcase respect while others do not.

In the past, the students of Crete have been seen as a respectful and knowing how to behave and bring pride to their town. Yet, the respect that used to be presented by students to their surroundings has gone downhill. Is it the parent’s fault for not emphasizing respect towards others? Or is it teachers not being hard enough on the students? “I have gotten to see firsthand, sitting in my seat, a student saying the teacher was terrible at what they did and did not try to hide what they were saying from the teacher,” Junior Daisy Alarcon said.

An article located at speaks about the importance of teaching children or young adults about respecting each other and showcasing good behavior. It says that if a person is taught at a young age how to respect others, they will most likely be more patient when they are older and will be more open to new opportunities.  It seems as time has passed, many young adults have started to forget the benefits of being respectful and have turned the other way, especially towards teachers.

How do teachers feel walking into school every day knowing that at one point during their day they will be disrespected? They spend their time trying to help bring out the bright side of their students, but instead of being thanked, they are disrespected. Many teachers hope to help their students achieve their dreams, but right when they step into their classroom, their happiness is killed.

If a teacher is be respected, how are is a student supposed to be treated? Allowing a student to treat someone in a not so nice way, opens the door for them to treat each other the same. A person watching their teacher be disrespected can bring them to act rudely themselves as a defense mechanism from others treating them that way.

In a school environment someone should feel safe and welcomed, but if respect is not shown towards teachers, how is it going to be shown towards others? A teacher, or anyone in a school building, is there to help everyone out, and personal feelings aside, they deserve to be treated well. The way students are act at school, will be how they act outside of school; and as a students, we represent our school, so let’s represent it well.

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Who Do We Respect?