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Winter Break Begins

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Five months of tests, quizzes, and hours of homework have finally lead to a much needed winter break. Instead of taking tests, and quizzes, students take their finals and prepare for a week long vacation. Along with the happiness of being halfway done with the school year, some feel heartbreak realizing it will be their last winter break in high school. At Crete High School, teachers begin to prepare their students for finals week with study guides and reviews in hopes that their students will excel in their studies.

“We are receiving study guides and it is really helpful that teachers are taking time to review with us,” Sophomore Brynnet Estrada said. Teachers hope that what they have taught their students this first semester actually comes out, and that many students hopefully end their semester finals on a good note. Each grade faces different types of challenges when coming to their finals, but they all fight to get the best score.

Even sport teams prepare to help their athletes excel in their academics. For example, the boys soccer team studies together every year, spends time in Coach Zoila’s, room and has a good breakfast. Not only do coaches make sure their athletes are studying, but it becomes a good bonding activity. “I really enjoy knowing that all my coaches care,” Junior Jorge Perez said.

With different types of people making sure that every student has an opportunity to succeed, Crete High comes together to not only help students prepare for finals, but also to know what to expect for next year. “Many of my teachers have already started explaining to me what I should do in order to come next quarter prepared,” Freshmen Sabrina Renderos said.

Every student has their own plans for winter break and many involve leaving the country resulting in having to take their finals early. With help of teachers many students were given the opportunity to take their finals ahead and also turned all their missing work for while they are gone. “It was hard, but I knew that in order to go to Mexico, I would have to take my finals early,” senior Ana Perez said. No matter the circumstance, many emotions are in play, and the students of Crete High end their first semester of the 2016-2017 school year with hope for good ending.

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Winter Break Begins