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The First 100

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Donald trump’s win on November eighth 2016 came in as a big shock to much of america. Now that he is inaugurated, it’s time for everyone to keep up on his first 100 days. In a president’s first 100 days they are supposed to take action to the the promises they made during their campaign.

Some of the promises Mr. Trump made during his campaign didn’t sit well with many of people. The most talked about is “The Wall”. Trump plans to build a wall on the mexican border to “keep out” Hispanics. It’s nothing new that Trump is not a fan of the Hispanic culture, but building a wall is way out of hand. Immigrants will find another way to get into the U.S. It isn’t possible to isolate the U.S and “purify” it to a certain race; America is one of the biggest mixing pots in the world, and that is a very good thing. America is all about freedom and acceptance.

Another action he plans to do is ban all Muslims from entering the United States . To achieve this that plan, he will start with suspending immigration from “terror-prone” countries, like Saudi Arabia.

President Trump also plans to eliminate former President Obama’s signature Healthcare Plan, which has helped many people get health care who couldn’t in the past because of low incomes.The courts estimated the removal of this plan will cause 21 million to 25 million mostly low-income people to lose their coverage increase out-of-pocket spending for everyone and cost of 555 billion dollars over a decade.

President Trump also plans to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement or withdraw the trans-pacific partnership. Trump’s tax plan includes him lowering the corporate tax rate from 35% to 15% among other things this plan in which Trump introduces as the Middle Class Tax Relief and Simplification Act,

Although the election Was predicted to be a win for Hillary Clinton, to Donald Trump took the lead and now the american people must be aware, of what his plan is with the US.  Some of the things that President Trump wants to do or not may not seem American. America’s about freedom and letting people do what they need to do Obamacare allowed people to get health care who had low incomes and that was a good thing for most of America who was on the lower class side. the wall will prevent immigrants from Coming to America to try and get a better life for themselves. Trump needs to think about his actions that he plans on taking because it will affect America greatly he  he says that he wants to make America great again but honestly I think that it’s not exactly the best way to make America better America is already great. The first 100 days will be a real test for everyone.

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The First 100