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Student-led classrooms, good or bad?

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When going to class you are used to the fact that your teacher tells you what you will be doing that day and you do it. What if you could go to class and learn the way you wanted to learn? Students input in the school is valued in school and extracurricular activities. A year and a half ago students were asked what they wanted the new high school to consist of and most wishes were granted. Why didn’t they ask you if you wanted new classroom rules or to change the way teachers teach you?

Classrooms are supposed to be an inviting, safe, inclusive, and supportive environment for students to learn. Teacher-led classrooms benefit students in many ways, but it also is a style of teaching that  isn’t helping their academic success. One of the more negative ways it is affecting students would be that the teacher is acting more like a coach, by that i mean that some teachers just tell you to do something that day and you do it. Student- led classrooms benefits and disadvantages to them also, they can be designed to suit the student’s needs since some students feel that classrooms can seem busy, fast paced and overwhelming.

One way that would help student have better grades and be more comfortable in the classroom would be the teacher giving the students a packet containing a list of all assignments and the dates they are due so that students won’t be surprised or confused on when they have to turn in an assignment. Tests would be listed so that students would know when to start preparing for the test. This way students could work at their own pace and not be left behind or too far ahead. “Students have trouble working on homework at home or because of sports, they should be able to know what they are doing each day so they can maybe do it before hand so it won’t get in the way” says Taryn Koch.

While having these classrooms could be a good thing for students but teachers might not be the most enthusiastic about it. Considering that teachers might get board and the are getting paid to teach students what they need to know for the rest of their lives. Some students that don’t like school that much might take advantage of this opportunity and not do their work during the day and wait until the last minute to turn in assignments and that would be a lot more work for teachers to grade.

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Student-led classrooms, good or bad?