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Elect for More Electives!

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Here at Crete high school, there are many opportunities for students to learn and grow. Currently, the school offers a limited variety of classes, from construction to cooking, with a few things in between. There is however, a definite lack in the range of electives a student is allowed to take during their years in school.

Electives are very important in any student schedule. They are classes a student chooses to take themselves, and they can be a well needed break from mundane, yet important, required classes. Elective classes are an important way for students to branch out and try new things that may lead to pursuing a related career later on in life. However, the amount of classes Crete offers pale in comparison to some of the schools surrounding it. When looking at it blankly, Crete has a very limited class selection. There are wood shop and welding classes, consumer science and cooking classes, a few art classes, journalism, and two foreign languages. It may seem like a fair amount to choose from, but not everyone is interested in taking these kinds of classes. There is a definite number of people who would voluntarily choose to take a shop class, just like there is a selective few who would choose to take on an art class.

When asked what elective classes a student wished Crete had, a number of people wished for more creative classes. “I wish the school offered more music classes, a sewing class, or even drama classes like there were in middle school.” Senior Hope Hoyer commented.

“Crete should offer swimming and gymnastics as a class.” Freshman Elizabeth Eltze stated.

“There should be more technology and computer related classes.” Ethan Rasgorshek, a freshman, commented.

When looking at what classes Crete specifically lacks, a drama class department stands out. Many other schools offer drama and theatre classes, as well as speech and debate classes, and more. These kinds of classes would teach students how to be more confident in public speaking, while also immersing them in a more creative environment. Creative classes that stretch off the uniform path is something Crete needs, and many other students believe so.

Classes that will prepare students for the real world are also something that Crete should have. Instead of teaching in depth math that only a small percentage of students will use in the working world, teach student how to balance a checkbook, or what stocks and bonds are. Overall, Crete needs to have more creative classes and a wider variety of electives that will give students a better idea of what the real working world is like. More classes will let students realize what they like and dislike, and will ease some of the struggle of what they may want to pursue as a career during college.

Currently, Crete is doing little to help alleviate this problem. They do offer some specific career based classes through SCC, but sometimes these classes can feel daunting to a student, and they may be reluctant to enroll in one. Overall, Crete needs to create more innovative classes within the school that will either help students be more creative, prepare them for the real world, or both.

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Elect for More Electives!