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Why Students Don’t Participate

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High School: four years of a student’s life where they prepare for the real world; the place where life is not so easy. Over time, Crete High School created multiple clubs for students, but the number of people involved has been declining. There seems to be a large number of students not participating in any extracurricular activities, while others can not seem to get enough and are in each extracurricular offered. This begs the question: Why are students not participating?

Multiple students say that they are too busy with homework and have no time to go to club meetings, as well as attend practices for sports. Others seem to have terrible time management and can not balance homework and school with any other activities. The rest believe that being in an extracurricular helps one balance their time, and stay on top of their school work. While time is a big factor, the support that a student receives from their coaches and sponsors also plays a large role as to why many do not want to participate in school activities.

A handful of students seem to have lost motivation due to the lack of support they receive from their leaders. There seems to be a thought that if a student is a good athlete, then they can do whatever they want,  but if you are not as good as the others you are set aside. During this year’s girls basketball season the JV team was set aside and left to practice on their own. The team had five coaches and some girls felt that no one paid attention while the girls practiced and made up their own drills. This lead many to want to quit due to the lack of help they received. “I got kicked out of the team, when I stood up and told them that they were being unfair,” Daisy Alarcon said after being asked how she felt.

So, the unequal treatment of players seemed to be a dominant factor in why some students quit this year in multiple sports, but is that the only problem. Another issue seemed to be who is being recruited for what activities? Is the football team recruiting any hispanic boys for their team? Why is the Boy’s soccer team mostly Latino? “ I believe that we have made up this idea in our head, of who belongs where, and so no one participates anymore,” junior Erika Alvarez said.

Clearly changes must be made. “Coaches should be understanding when a student can not go, sometimes it is not their fault. I know some parents are very restrictive in where their kids can go,” Paola Santoya said. At the end after seeing numbers of school participants going down, many students wish for new leadership where they can understood, and not judged by the people who are supposed to build them up, not tear them down.

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Why Students Don’t Participate