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New Electives Arrive To School

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New Electives Arrive To School

By Guadalupe Ortiz

The students asked, the school delivered…in some areas. For the past few years, students have been asking for more electives, and finally the school has provided a few more. Some new electives this year include Restaurant Management, Intro to Construction, and a few others.

Many students believe that these new classes provide a good opportunity to try new things, meanwhile others don’t know if they want to take the chance on something new. The main reason to people are hesitant to try it is because the class is not something they are interested in. For somebody to join an elective, it usually has to have a big enough personal connection that they will want to do it. If there is not a big connection, the student will only pick an elective to complete and fill their schedule.

Some are asking, “Do we want to force the students into picking an elective, or do we want them to have many things they enjoy to pick from?” To this point, it’s very true that students should have a bigger variety of electives to choose from. There are many classes like Family and Consumer Science, Foods, Welding, P.E., Weights, and many others, but not all people are interested in these classes. Junior Betsabe Rosales replied, “I think that there is still not many options in electives, because not everyone like those things.”

English Teacher Ben Francis said, “I do think people should be able to choose their electives. They are called an ‘elective’ for a reason, so I think it stands to reason that students should be able to elect these non-required courses.” Some people believe students should have more electives and that they should have an option to choose what they want.

Others are happy that the school is at least making the effort to add new classes. Freshman Lily Filbert said, “I think it’s an expansion. It’s going to be great.” At this time, students are still figuring out their schedule for next year.

Additional electives can only work to expand student knowledge and prepare them for future jobs. Those offered are good, but it wouldn’t it be better to offer classes that students are really interested in and want to take, as opposed to taking them because they are forced to choose? So although all the electives the school has right now are all great, it could be better if there was more to choose from.

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New Electives Arrive To School