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Making Music at CHS

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CHS choir and band are made up of half of the student population. Extracurricular activities are important for a student’s education, and are required to graduate. Students participating in band or choir enjoy being in a large group along with working with students who enjoy similar interests. Band and choir host numerous concerts in the course of the school year to show off to parents and members of the community the progress that they are making during class.

Choir concerts are held typically on a Sunday in October, December, April, and May. This year, CHS Concert Choir was given the opportunity to perform at our state capitol on February 28th after auditioning a couple of months prior. From the end of December to the very date of their performance, the choir practiced with all they could so that they could make this their best performance yet. The CHS choir director David Purdham has been directing the students since fall of 2012. We are very sad to announce that Mr.Purdham is moving on from Crete Schools to further his job opportunities. The Concert and Cardinal choirs have been attempting to make his last year, his best year. Purdham recently stated, “I will miss everything about Crete, especially the choir students and the relationships I have built with them.”

Along with choir comes band. The CHS band is directed by Eric Fahrlander. In August of each school year, Crete Band competes against many other schools in a marching band competition in Grand Island named Harvest of Harmony. This is in addition to the other abundance of concerts that are performed during the school year. While attending ‘Harvest of Harmony’, the band then took away a first place prize after many years of coming in second. The Crete band came home with a big victory.

Recently on Friday, April 20th, The Crete High School choir and Crete High School band attended the annual District Music Contest held at Norris High School. Each group and ensembles were judged from ratings one through three. Three being the worst and one being the best. The CHS band scored a one along with the CHS choir also scoring a one. There were various small ensembles that ranked a variety of different scores. Overall the music department took a big win that weekend.

The 2016-2017 music department has come to a standing victory. This year’s accomplishments will be one for the books; and one that teachers, especially Mr. Purdham, should and will remember.

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Making Music at CHS