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Stop. Don’t Shop.

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Image result for shopping addictionSummer is fast approaching and the female race is swarming around outlet malls. What if this swarm shopping becomes an addiction? Scientists have recently proven that people; mostly women can become mentally addicted to shopping and spending money.

If your weekend consists of spending the whole day at an outlet mall, maybe you should listen up. Research shows that there are some signs one should look out for when shopping excessively. Studies show that, you may have an addiction to shopping if you tend to lie about spending money or you hide your purchases, feel guilty about shopping, feel the need to shop or feel anxious along with possibly depressed if you can’t shop for a particular reason. If you often use shopping as a way to lift your mood, it could be a deeper sign of a serious issue. Other examples could be, you have a secret credit card, you shop excessively and enter a store to purchase one item but often leave with many more.

There are also ways that have been proven to help cope with the addiction. First, you should understand what activates your desire to shop. Next, you must understand what activates your desire to shop. Write it down and take note of any trends or themes. For example, is it on a stressful Monday that you shop most, or is it on weekends? Pinpoint the triggers. Then, ask yourself what’s really missing in my life? Do I really need ten handbags or might this be a sign of something else that I want? And finally, find and schedule alternative options other than shopping. Ask yourself, “What are some healthy ways to deal with stress. You could exercise, read, watch a movie, or even walk your dog. Explore your options.

Being a savvy shopper is not always a bad thing, but there are times when it gets to be too much. The next time you go shopping, make sure to ask yourself if you really need that brand new pair of Walter Steiger pumps that are well over your price range. Instead of those well over five hundred dollar shoes chose something that is more practical, like the Steve Madden boots you just had to have a month prior. Looking stylish doesn’t always mean breaking the bank.

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Stop. Don’t Shop.