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Look At These Weird Trending Fashions!

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Look At These Weird Trending Fashions!

There are many fashion styles present in our culture, but lately there has been some weird ones such as sock boots, thrashers, and a few others as well. I don’t hate any of them because it’s just clothes and doesn’t define a person. Let’s get to it and look at the top seven.

1. Not Being Able To Put Your Jacket On All The Way
-This basically means that you have your jacket half way on, till about your elbows. This is a strange outfit because why wear a jacket if you aren’t going to put it on all the way to stay warm. It’s not common to wear jackets and not put them on all they way.
2. Thrasher
-This Thrasher fashion trend is basically any type of clothing that says Thrasher like a hoodie, t-shirt, or even crop top. Many people don’t know what Thrasher is and that’s also why it is bizarre to them. Thrasher is basically someone who is loud and reckless and a lot of people wear this to show that they can also be like that.
3. Sock boots
– Socks boots are basically what they are called, and they are socks attached to a heel platform. You would just slip them on like regular socks. If you feel like crying all day but want to go out, this might be the perfect shoe to wear. This is also very fashionable with some types of clothing like wool.
4. Oversized Sweatshirt And No Pants
-This outfit is basically you wear a sweatshirt that is double your size so it goes below your waist and you wear no pants except an underwear or spandex underneath it. It is very interesting that people would actually not wear pants underneath the sweatshirt.
5. Very Long Sleeves
-In this outfit, it is puffs and swaths of extra fabric protruding from the shoulders to past a person’s arms. It is a trend especially in catwalks to show off the outfits.
6. Big Earrings
-These earrings are ones that go about or even below where your shoulders are at the maximum. This is a odd trend because sometimes these earrings will get caught on your hair or clothes, but people still indeed wear them.
7. Patent Leather, Or The Nasty Woman’s Choice Fabric
-This outfit is wearing loose jeans, denim shorts, or even skirt with any shirt and a leather jacket, or denim jacket over, but also wearing latex outfits count. It is very weird because not many people would wear latex outfits these days. Lauren Cohan loves to wear latex clothes, or she even wears loose clothing with latex jackets.

All these fashion trends seem really amazing even though they are peculiar to many. I mean these are really cool and creative, because they have their own sense of style even though it may not be yours but it is someone’s sense of style out there.I hope you all enjoyed learning about some of the fashion trends, because I definitely did.

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Look At These Weird Trending Fashions!