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The Lack of Diverse Teachers at Crete High

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Is diversity really a welcome idea at Crete High School? Why do some students feel more comfortable than others? Is a language barrier really an excuse for a lack of diversity among teachers? Everyone has a different opinion as to why some schools have more diversity within their teachers compared to others, but there is no doubt that Crete lacks culture within their educational system.

Crete, in years past, was a place that lacked any sort of cultural differences yet with time has adapted to the diversity that filled the town. When examining the amount of diverse teachers in the school, we see how while the town changes, the school system stays the same. In a school district with over 2000 students it is evident that a large majority are from a Hispanic background and yet out of over 100 teachers only 5 are Hispanic. Is this due to hispanics not going into education? Is it because Crete really hasn’t accommodated to everyone’s needs? Who is really at fault?

Reports released talk about the importance of an educational support system within a student teacher relationship. When a student feels uncomfortable it is more likely for them to feel alone, and that they cannot ask for help. Yet, when students feel like their teachers understand them, they are more open to learning new ways and adapting to new cultures. Finally, when someone feels neglected or not supported by their school, their performance goes downhill. It is not easy to stay motivated to do your best when you feel like no understands not only your language, but circumstances.  

How do ELL students feel when they are being taught by an American teacher? A teacher that will never truly understand what it feels like to be looked at as an immigrant at school. Or when looked at the other way, how does Crete High’s, Joel Lemus, the school counselor, feel? When, he not only has to be a mentor, but a shoulder to lean on for a overflowing majority of the high school population. Where instead of having a body of teachers to go to many are only open to speaking with one, how must that one person feel? Now, how must those five Hispanic teachers of over 2000 students feel when they carry the weight of every Hispanic student on their shoulders due to being the only ones.

If we cannot come together to accommodate these situations, then we will never have success. Students must feel inspired by their teachers to make a difference where support is given in and out of the classroom. The need for people of diverse backgrounds only increases with time, but as a community we must unite even more. Where, with the students that now join Crete, we must be motivated to come back and be that shoulder that many do not have, that person that actually understands them. We must show the unity within cultures in our town, school, and families where we come together to soar as the cardinals we are.

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The Lack of Diverse Teachers at Crete High